Leadership Team

The Wisely leadership team has the experience and knowledge to support our team and serve the needs of our clients.

Teo Poh Siang – Managing Director

Poh Siang, founder of Wisely, is a property consultant with 30 years of strata management experience. He is a trainer and has authored “A practical guide to Strata Management in Singapore”. Poh Siang holds a Bachelor of Real Estate (Valuation) Honours.

Angela Ngo – Client Relations & Human Resource Director

Angela has more than 10 years’ experience in the strata management industry. She oversees the customer relationship matters of the portfolios and human resource of the company. Angela has structured the training modules for the respective personnel to meet objectives set with clients. Angela holds a Diploma in Building Management.

Teo Poh Cheng – Systems Director

PC has more than 10 years experience in the strata management industry and 20 years experience in software development. He is responsible for the strategic development of hardware and software-technology solutions and systems controls of all work related processes of the company and portfolios. PC holds a Bachelor of Science Honours in Computing and Information Systems.

Lim Geok Choo – Human Resources Manager

Geok Choo has more than 25 years’ experience in the strata management industry. She is responsible for the finance management of all accounts for clients. Geok Choo holds an Advance Diploma in Business Studies.

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