Praise for the Book

“This book captures the views and experiences of the author who has been managing strata title developments for many years, highlighting the pitfalls and challenges, and proposing useful recommendations for resolving some of these problems. Property owners occupying strata title developments will benefit from reading this book.”

Dr Lim Lan Yuan
Association of Property and Facility Managers

“I have known Poh Siang for over 5 years and found him competently versed in the Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act. We have shared experiences and discussed various cases pertaining to not only the legal interpretation of the Act but also the practical application. I am therefore glad that he has decided to write this book in the hope of raising awareness and improving the knowledge of our industry professionals, as well as laymen who are involved in the running of Management Corporations.

Poh Siang’s overview of the Act, guides on the various facets of Management Corporation, as well as the call for the industry to upgrade in terms of value and education, comes at an appropriate time when Singapore’s strata developments are escalating in numbers. I sincerely hope his book will spur more fellow professionals in sharing and promoting the strata management profession to bring it to respectable world class level.”

Andrew Lioe
Executive Director
A4 International Pte Ltd

“Since the introduction of strata title legislation in 1967, some 3000 strata subdivided developments have been built. In future, more such developments, which not only comprise residential condominiums but also commercial and mixed-use developments, are expected. Because of our limited land size, there are few alternatives to achieve high density developments other than to reach for the sky.

Management of such high density developments is crucial if we wish to maintain the quality of our built-up environment. However, it will be idealistic and impractical to expect owners to be able to manage their developments without a set of rules and regulations. The strata title legislation has been amended and improved over a number of years and the current legislation, the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act, provides a balance between official procedures and self-regulation.

For practitioners in strata title management, as well as other stakeholders, it is essential that they have a clear understanding of the legislative framework. They need to understand and appreciate that living in a compact, high density environment require a fair amount of patience and tolerance, as well as knowledge of their responsibilities and obligations.

This book will be most welcomed by all who are involved in strata title developments – whether as Managing Agents, council members or individual owners. This informative book will be useful to all lay people.”

Wan Fook Kong
Chartered Surveyor
Executive Director
Property Facility Services Pte Ltd

“This book has a wide coverage of all the essential services a Managing Agent is expected to deliver and areas of work a strata manager must strive to support. Coupled with examples and illustrations, this book serves as a reference for anyone who is inspired to carve a career in strata management.”
Tay It Tuan
Accredited Managing Agents

“I have known the author for several years. He is intensely dedicated to his profession and continually strives to improve the professionalism and image of Managing Agents in Singapore. The system of Managing Agents has been in a state of flux. Voluntary accreditation schemes for Managing Agents have not received widespread acceptance or support in Singapore. The publication of SS519 in 2006 by SPRING Singapore (setting out the role of Managing Agents involved in property management) appears to have had little effect on aligning the differing expectations of councils and subsidiary proprietors on the level of service, scope of responsibilities and area of work expected of Managing Agents in Singapore. Given the dearth of coverage on this subject matter, the author’s book (written from the perspective of a seasoned practitioner) is appropriate and timely. I look forward to sharing the author’s knowledge and the wealth of his experience contained in this book.”
Lim Tat
Aequitas Law LLP

“This book is written from the perspective of a Managing Agent. I believe it would be a useful reference for those involved in managing strata titled properties in one way or another. Readers may find the case studies helpful.”
Jordan Neo
Ex-Managing Director
Knight Frank Estate Management Pte Ltd

“The author of this book has unselfishly shared his experience as a seasoned practitioner in the management of strata properties. The book serves as a practical and useful guide to strata property management in Singapore.

This is a guide that property managers, particularly, new practitioners in the profession, will find invaluable in gaining a fast track understanding of some of the statutory requirements as defined by the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act. In addition, as a practitioner himself, the author is able to clearly explain some of the operational requirements that a practitioner will need to know in order to execute his role professionally and effectively.

Filled with practical insights, this book unlocks some of the peculiarities of the industry, making it a must-read for those who wants to gain an instant wealth of experience that could otherwise take years to learn through hard knocks.”

Tang Chee Charn
Head of Real Estate Management Services
Colliers International Consultancy & Valuation (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“As a strata-title home owner, I find that it is absolutely essential to understand and engage in matters that involve something as personal as our own homes. While we all want to have homes with well-managed environments and wonderful neighbour relations, the complexity of balancing estate management and governance, as well as managing the state-of-play and relations among the stakeholders and community involved, make this a delicate art and science to comprehend. And what this book sets out to do certainly helps in this respect and makes it easier for everyone to understand the dynamics of strata management.”
Andrew Seah
Chairman 2010/2011 & 2011/2012
Modena (MCST 2716)

“As Chairpersons of managment corporations, we devote our time on a voluntary basis. Although we are not professionals in this area, the position we hold carries heavy responsibilities.

With the springing up of numerous condominium developments, this comprehensive publication is really very timely. Speaking from my personal experience, I spent many hours trawling through materials from various sources to guide me in my work and to obtain a clear understanding of the roles played by the many stakeholders. Many times, relying on Managing Agents to provide answers may not be sufficient as it may happen that they may not be too proficient too. This is therefore a very welcomed publication for all those involved in strata management.”

Sally Kong
Chairperson 2008/2009 – 2010/2011
Dover Parkview (MCST 2286)

“I first got to know Teo Poh Siang in 2004 when I was the Chairman of Emerald East (MCST 2578). We were facing a difficult situation at that time and had to immediately terminate an inefficient Managing Agent. My task was to ensure that the next appointed Managing Agent was a competent professional in the field. A friend recommended Poh Siang to us as she found him to be a responsible person. I shared the same view not long after appointing him and his company as the new Managing Agent. When I was the Chairman of Escada View (MCST 2415), I strongly recommended Poh Siang’s company to be appointed as our Managing Agent and my recommendation was accepted by the Council. I am glad that Poh Siang has now published this book which I believe many within the strata community will find useful.”
Jonathan Lim
Chairman 2011/2012
Escada View (MCST 2415)
Chairman 2003-2007
Emerald east (MCST 2578)

“I have known Teo Poh Siang for many years in my role as a Council Member of a Management Corporation (MC), and with his company as our MC’s Managing Agent (MA). He is a very experienced MA. There are few MAs who have the experience to support a newly formed MC in its claims against the Developer for outstanding matters or funds not resolved with the MC. Poh Siang is one of them.

As a Subsidiary Proprietor (SP), as well as a Council Member of MCs, I have noted the lack of written knowledge on the roles, responsibilities and rights of the various stakeholders in the Council of an MC and this makes the job of Council Members more risky in view of their fiduciary duties. Similarly, as an SP, it is to our advantage to know the legal provisions so as to enable us to protect our own rights in strata titled developments.

Hence, it is heartening to know that Poh Siang is willing to share his knowledge and experience by writing this book. The book covers the whole suite of the requirements for managing an estate/development, such as defining the regulations, the responsibilities of MAs, Strata Managers, Council Members, right down to the operational requirements for the various tasks to be performed, including calling of quotations and monitoring of contractors and vendors. Speaking from experience and having reviewed the book, I’m of the view that it will be useful to all the various stakeholders, SPs, Council Members, Strata Managers and new MAs.”

Helen Ong Boot Lian
Secretary 2010/2011 & 2011/2012
Ming Arcade (MCST 835)

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