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“This book captures the views and experiences of the author who has been managing strata title developments for many years, highlighting the pitfalls and challenges, and proposing useful recommendations for resolving some of these problems. Property owners occupying strata title developments will benefit from reading this book”

Dr Lim Lan Yuan
Association of Property and Facility Managers

A Practical Guide to Strata Management in Singapore provides practical solutions in the form of step-by-step procedures and checklists for managing agents and strata managers to support them in the management of any strata development:

  • from listing the relevant legislation, code of practices to citing cases and providing explanations for the management of strata properties;
  • from the taking over to handing over of a strata development, highlighting areas of significance;
  • from managing expectations of clients to vendors, using key performance indicators (KPI);
  • from operations management to administrative management to financial management and recommending standard operating procedures (SOP) that could help prevent pitfalls;
  • from convening council meetings to general meetings with recommended checklists;
  • from routine to periodical to emergency works and providing tables of common statutory compliance required for the maintenance of strata properties.
The book is written in simple language, crystallising both the legal and technical contents of strata management through the use of real-life anecdotes, and offers readers insights into strata management in an engaging way.
Title: A Practical Guide to Strata Management in Singapore
Author: Teo Poh Siang
Language: English
Category(s): 1. Real estate management­– Singapore.
2. Building management, Strata Management – Singapore.
3. Real estate management­– Law and legislation­– Singapore.
ISBN: 978-981-07-0339-4
Published by: Candid Creation Publishing
Publication Date: May 2012
Book Size: 148 x 210 x 12mm (paperback)
Pages: 232 pages
Retail Price: S$29.96 (GST incl.)
Online Price: S$28.00 (GST incl.)
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