Processes and Tools

Having the right processes and tools improve customer interaction and job satisfaction by enabling our staff to work more efficiently and effectively. It also enforces governance and controls costs.

We developed a comprehensive set of processes across all functions of the business outlining clear responsibilities and approval chains. These include work order approval and issue management where the processes have enforced gates to ensure governance and accountability.

A management information system, WebProMIS, assists and guides strata managers through many of the processes, enforcing compliance and approval gates. Additionally, it provides holistic record keeping for fast retrieval and business insights. This comprehensive in-house developed system is cloud based and is available to strata managers onsite and on the road increasing productivity and responsiveness.

Within the estate, we partnered with expert webportal service provider to provide a full featured resident portal that come with features beyond facilities booking such as announcements, service requests and community connection. The portal is accessible via all modern devices such as tablets and smart phones.

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